+ Consult

A thorough consultation will assure that you will receive your desired results in the healthiest way possible. During your consultation, our artists will be asking you questions about previous chemical services, thermal exposure, and medical history. Keep in mind the more you disclose the better we can map out your hair journey.

It is important that all chemical history is disclosed. Multiple color services may affect how your hair will lighten. Keep in mind the more layers of artificial hair color the longer it may take to lighten your hair, in some cases it may require multiple appointments. Examples of chemical services we need to know about- permanent waves, relaxers, henna hair color, home box colors, permanent straighteners.

Thermal exposure will also affect the outcome of your color. If you use heat on a daily bases your hair may not be strong enough to handle the lightening process. Or if you're going darker your hair may be extremely porous and could result in a darker outcome. Examples of thermal exposure- flat iron, curling iron, sun exposure, tanning bed.

Medical history also plays a part in your hair journey. If you have had any procedures that required anesthesia it may affect the lightening process. Some prescription medications also affect the outcome of you hair. Examples of medical history that will affect your color- thyroid medicine, HCG Diet, birth control, chemotherapy.

+ Balayage

Balayage is one of the most sought after coloring techniques due to its low maintenance and natural look. Clients love the unique color tailored to their haircut and artists love the creative freedom that Balayage allows. L'Oréal is the leader in Balayage and all of our artists are L'Oréal Professionnel trained and certified.

Before Booking Nearly all Balayage looks are achieved through multiple applications. Our artists will have a thorough consultation with you before starting your service. While it’s possible to achieve the look you desire in one day, it also may be necessary to schedule two to three appointments over the course of six to nine months. It depends on the length of your hair, if you want to have a colored base or if you want to grow out your natural base color, the condition of your hair, and if you have previously colored hair.

Some of our artists include an Olaplex treatment in their price as it is that artist’s requirement for color corrections. Please read each individual’s bio for pricing found on our Artists page.

Maintenance Once your Balayage look is achieved, it is relatively low maintenance. However, if you choose to have pastel colors which are very on trend right now, you’ll find that level of maintenance to be much higher. In order to keep the color from fading, clients will need to visit the salon every three to four weeks to have a gloss applied to their hair. We recommend using Overtone conditioner to make color last.